Oil and gas

Inspecting chimneys, cooling towers, flare stacks and other essential parts can be a dangerous and time consuming job. Rotopro can make this easier, inexpensive and your asset can remain online during the inspection.

Live streaming

Are you looking for a unique way to film your event, commercial or other video productions? Rotopro can film your video production from every angle you can think off, this make your production flexible and unique.

Mapping & Imagery

Rotopro provides a fast en inexpensive way to collect data for mining purposes. Visualize data-sets, calculate volumetric removal of sediment or stockpiles and classify grades of each stockpile for shipment and sale.

We have a broad Expertise, from Industrial to Creative Aerial Services

The summary of our Aerial Services and advantages of working with RotoPro

Our helicopters

Our helicopters are rear engine designed, this gives the helicopter the perfect....



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